Mark Kisenwether

Gunmaker - Craftsman

Slimline Hunter 50 caliber rifle; 1:56 twist; 36" long 7/8" octagon; full buckhorn rear sight; copper-faced iron blade front sight; rust-blue & bronze finish. $1250


Big Game Hunter 54 caliber; 1:66 twist; 16" long octagon to tapered round barrel; relief carved walnut. Demo $1350

54 Caliber Carbine & Pistol kit

Octagon to tapered round 24" Carbine barrel; 12" pistol barrel; Maultier Underhammer action;

Quick-change stock and barrels; Dark rust blue finish; 3-piece pistol loading/cleaning rod.
Available for purchase as-is, or with custom-fitted wood case.

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Marlin model 60 used solely for demonstration of wood and metal work capabilities - this gun is NOT for sale! Factory OEM stock was stripped and the length of pull extended with Walnut spacer and Rock Maple buttplate. Aluminum receiver was stripped of paint, corrosion damage removed, polished and clear coated. Tooling marks were removed from the stainless steel barrel and magazine tube. Wood is finished with rubbed tung oil.

I offer a variety of work on modern gun stocks (stocks only) from basic restorations to extreme modifications. Refreshing and adding checkering; incise and relief carving; adding inlays; adding/modifying cheekpieces, combs, and buttplates. I offer finishes ranging from natural oils, oil-resin blends, natural resin and modern polymers. I make all my own aqua fortis, tannin, natural dye and wood tar stains as well as natural pine resin finishes.

36 Caliber; 7/8" octagon barrel 28.5" long 1:48 twist; raised comb design to accommodate line of sight for the 2-7x Nikon scope; rust blue finish. $ Sold

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It's been quite an experience in frustration brought about by repeated hackings, but I am pleased to finally have the new website up and running! For those who have endured the frustration caused by the hacker attacks, and I sincerely appreciate your kind consideration and loyalty. I would also like to extend the warmest of welcomes to the newcomers. As always, if you don't see it, please ask.     Blessings!

(352) 303-4200


Whether it's a repair, restoration, reproduction, or custom build, I remain dedicated to providing the finest materials and craftsmanship.

- Furniture: I have everything from original and reproductions, to modern.

- Muzzleloaders: Underhammer; Flintlock; Matchlock & Handgonne.

- Gun Services: Gun stock restoration & customization; muzzleloader gunsmithing.

- Primitive Wares: Canteens; Horns; Tomahawks; Knives.

- Miscellaneous: Traditional arts & crafts, and commissioned works.

54 caliber flintlock; 15/16" octagon barrel 33" long 1:56 twist; Red Bay stock; poured pewter nosecap; browned finish. $ Sold

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